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  • One thousand streams!

    ‘Rayograph of a Dandelion’ from the 2021 album ‘HEXOMINO,’ is the first track of mine to reach one thousand Soundcloud streams. I’m celebrating this milestone not because it’s a significant achievement, but just to reminisce about how this track was born. After attending a Man Ray exhibition in 2014, I remember being greatly impressed by…

  • The Bank is a Monster, an instrumental version

    I recorded a live version of ‘The Bank is a Monster’, from my latest album ‘Staying Back’. All the parts are easy to play, but I’m not confident in front of a camera (or people).. so I struggled a bit. Hope you like it

  • My first release on cassette tapes

    ‘Staying Back’ is my first (and self) release on cassette tapes. The songs I saved from oblivion have now returned to their original format. Have a listen:  

  • Staying Back

    My attempt to restore a bunch of mysterious audio cassettes that came to me by chance. Without multitrack recordings, these cassettes were all that remained. I mixed different takes of the same song/jam, and in some cases, I also mashed up different unfinished songs with similar lyrics. All the lyrics are indeed from John Steinbeck’s…

  • Unraveling Steinbeck: a quick preview of my upcoming album

    ‘Staying Back’ will be available only on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Out on February 27 (John Steinbeck’s birthday)    

  • Declined For Sharing

    A brief reflection about the connection between musicians and curators in 2023. I made a whole EP based on my declines and the wording in official decline emails. All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio. Cover by @ laranalogic . Thanks to Jordan Paul and People Zoo Records. Have a…

  • Timelapse 79

    This short time lapse video uses the song “Check The Latest News” from my soundtrack album ‘Larsen’ as background music. The song is reusable and free downloadable, as always.  

  • Larsen – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack –

    I wrote a screenplay and a soundtrack. The movie doesn’t exist. The screenplay is available on Amazon: All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio. Cover layout by lietoofine (freely inspired by Joshua Tauberer and his amazing “Iceberger” Thanks to Miragenesi and People Zoo Records.

  • Lullaby Short Horror

    This amazing short movie has my ambient tune “The Dark Saint of the Moon” as background music The track was recorded @ Funkhaus Berlin during Ableton Loop 2017 Summit


    6: – squares that make up a hexomino– the day of January I was born on35:– the number of free hexominoes– my age– time duration of the album11:– unfoldings of the cube– tracks in the album All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio.Cover by @ laravinstant, layout by lietoofine. Thanks to…