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  • Unraveling Steinbeck: a quick preview of my upcoming album

    ‘Staying Back’ will be available only on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Out on February 27, 2024    

  • Declined For Sharing

    A brief reflection about the connection between musicians and curators in 2023. I made a whole EP based on my declines and the wording in official decline emails. All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio. Cover by @ laranalogic . Thanks to Jordan Paul and People Zoo Records. Have a…

  • Timelapse 79

    This short time lapse video uses the song “Check The Latest News” from my soundtrack album ‘Larsen’ as background music. The song is reusable and free downloadable, as always.  

  • Larsen – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack –

    I wrote a screenplay and a soundtrack. The movie doesn’t exist. The screenplay is available on Amazon: All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio. Cover layout by lietoofine (freely inspired by Joshua Tauberer and his amazing “Iceberger” Thanks to Miragenesi and People Zoo Records.

  • Lullaby Short Horror

    This amazing short movie has my ambient tune “The Dark Saint of the Moon” as background music The track was recorded @ Funkhaus Berlin during Ableton Loop 2017 Summit


    6: – squares that make up a hexomino– the day of January I was born on35:– the number of free hexominoes– my age– time duration of the album11:– unfoldings of the cube– tracks in the album All songs written performed and produced by lietoofine @ Sottobosco Studio.Cover by @ laravinstant, layout by lietoofine. Thanks to…

  • Square Feet

    My new album ‘Square Feet’ is finally out All tracks written and produced by lietoofine at Sottobosco Studio except for track 9 written by Riccardo Xotta (thanks!). Vocals and lyrics: Jordan Paul deserves all the credit! ‘Not Excessive Noise’ includes speeches by Alan Watts. In ‘Onda Palace’ there is also Terence McKenna’s voice. ‘Lost in…

  • Working The Heap by Nick Brengle

    Working The Heap is an experimental film produced in a series with artist Marie Emerson. “Choice C” was the first installment which was intended for viewing in a photography exhibition. Working The Heap Described by Emerson is, “The yin side of life, being feminine, emotional, and although that is great, there is another side of…

  • EDL: An External Point of View

    Cast as a soundtrack set to Curiosity’s decent to Mars, lietoofine from Padova, Italy has recorded an album entitled Entry, Descent and Landing that’s sure to give us a reason to feeling emotional about humanity’s mission to Mars. ​Some context filled my mind as I listened to this record. Oftentimes when we think of Mars…

  • Entry, Descent and Landing

    Soundtrack of Curiosity’s descent to Mars. Special thanks to Elisa Gasperini for the speech on track ‘Sky Crane’.