One thousand streams!

‘Rayograph of a Dandelion’ from the 2021 album ‘HEXOMINO,’ is the first track of mine to reach one thousand Soundcloud streams.

I’m celebrating this milestone not because it’s a significant achievement, but just to reminisce about how this track was born.

After attending a Man Ray exhibition in 2014, I remember being greatly impressed by rayographs; I felt they were magical.

At the time, I was struggling a lot while trying, for the first time, to record some tunes as Lietoofine.

So I decided to name the first-ever track I was able to finalize ‘Rayograph of a Dandelion’ because to me, it was magical.

The initial version of the song was released with my 2015 EP ‘Tavistock Music’ and then I reworked it in 2021.




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