Square Feet

My new album ‘Square Feet’ is finally out

All tracks written and produced by lietoofine at Sottobosco Studio
except for track 9 written by Riccardo Xotta (thanks!).
Vocals and lyrics: Jordan Paul deserves all the credit!

‘Not Excessive Noise’ includes speeches by Alan Watts.
In ‘Onda Palace’ there is also Terence McKenna’s voice.

‘Lost in Punta Aderci’ is dedicated to Claudio Basilavecchia and Marco Riccitelli that I didn’t help.
Sorry guys.

‘Thank you Caesar’: additional radio transmission recorded by Jordan Paul from live emergency radio broadcast.

Cover by laravontrier, layout by lietoofine.

Special thanks to:
Lara Vedovato, Jordan Paul, Fabio Lessio, Nicola Miotto, Nicola Gottardello, Elisa Gasperini, Cristian Cesaro and Corrado Alesso.




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