Reusable Music

Solo musical project started in 2014 and based in Padova – Italy

Give meaning to my music

The main idea is to make short records with a strong underlying theme. Every choice must follow that theme, from the musical arrangement to the release. 
I’m trying to explore different music genres, but all my songs contemplate electronics and analog sounds.
They are basically all instrumental tracks.

Have a listen

My favorite music platform is Soundcloud, so there you can find all my production, but I’m present on other platforms too, like Bandcamp and Free Music Archive.


All my tunes are licensed under a Creative Commons License


My latest release is an attempt to preserve and improve a job left half done and without owners. I restored a bunch of audio cassettes that came to me by chance.

Staying Back

  • LP, 2024
  • 5 tracks
  • 20m 11s